my name is Lj and I'm one part the Fuhrer, one part the pope. bass player for The Loose Teeth.
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Recently hit my main follower goal and honestly never ever thought I’d get here! Numbers aren’t everything but to have been lucky enough to meet so many sweet people and such talented individuals along the way, I’m really appreciative. Year full of changes coming up so I wanted to do a thank you promo which piggybacks along with a giveaway type deal. So thank you so much for all the support people have graciously given me, good luck & much much love.


1. Following me, ballato.
2. Reblogs count for as many times, please no spamming though. Likes dont count so refraining from liking will improve chances!
3. Good spirits, no spellz.


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~ Black City Trifecta ~
(3 blogs will receive a promo badge on my blog for a month, preferably at least 1 blog chosen will be one I haven’t seen or aren’t very familiar with)

Maybe ~5+ people per category will be chosen — this ends on October 10th, 2014

And now for the fun part, 3 people will also be chosen for a personalized gift from myself, may or may not be the Trifecta, most likely not. One of the 3 will be chosen with a random number generator and all 3 will be announced publicly. The gifts will be dependent on the winners and what the winners already own or don’t own, I have some extra quite nice pieces of merch, trinkets, things along those lines. If a chosen or random winner prefers not to share address/have something sent to them, a new winner will be selected. A small way of giving back!

You can ask any questions here, information will be tracked under #ballato promo.

Track: Zero Zero
Artist: Gerard Way
Album: Hesitant Alien

Track: durr hurr
Artist: lynzave

the mashup that nobody asked for

my fashion sense can be best described as “singer in an early 2000s music video that’s set in a high school even though he’s pushing thirty” with winged eyeliner


hey guys! as some of you may know, Isaac left for college not too long ago and Mason is back on as our keyboardist, so we are in need of a guitarist and drummer. if you are between the ages of 15-18 (all genders welcome), can commute to manhattan at least once a week, and you like alternative and…


me introducing myself


924 Gilman