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Anonymous asked: okay i really don't know who to go to but i was scraping paint off the windows with my dad today and the scraping tools were REALLY sharp so when we had to change the blades, the replacements were like razors that i used to use to self harm and i accidentally cut my thumb with one and i can't tell my dad i wanna stop cause i didn't tell him abt my self harm in the first place and now i really feel like relapsing cause the blades are so accessible and i don't know what to do :(

put them away in a place where if you try to access them, you’ll definitely be seen. or just give them back to your dad so he can keep them wherever he usually does and tell him sharp objects make you uneasy. you don’t have to tell him about your self harm, just tell him you don’t feel comfortable around blades (maybe show him your thumb and say you’re a little clumsy and don’t want to accidentally hurt yourself??)


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The main problem I have with Men’s Rights Activists is that their name really doesn’t do them justice.

They’re Straight Cis White Men’s Rights Activists.

I have NEVER seen Men’s Rights Activists campaign for the inclusion of trans men in their spaces.
I have NEVER seen…



Good techniques when having a panic attack…

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Anonymous asked: um im sorry if u dont want to answer this dont feel like u have to. i am on antidepressants and its been less than a month, and im on a really low dose, but i just cut and have bad thoughts again for yhe first time since starting them and idk if that means i should talk to my dr or if this just happens ? sorry

first of all, never be sorry for asking for help. it means you care enough to solve your problem, so you’re halfway there already.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it, as these drugs take a while to kick in. I cut a few times after starting antidepressants too. I would talk to the doctor just to find an underlying cause as to what triggers you to cut, but I’d give the meds a chance first. they could be really good for you, and they might be a step in the road to recovery. stay strong honey!

Anonymous asked: Ok so on my rental car bus there is a look alike of you, like similar face but diff glasses n no makeup but like a tiny skinny girl with your hair cut, pink (not currently sure what color hair you have) with a baggy sweater and skinny jeans/leggings not sure which

baggy sweater and colored hair is definitely me but I’m not that skinny

Favorite Movie Characters → Randal Graves (Clerks)

→ You know I’m your hero.

Anonymous asked: i lov u (((super homo)))

;A; thank you baby ahhhhh