my name is Lj and I'm one part the Fuhrer, one part the pope. bass player for The Loose Teeth.
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I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been waiting to do this

we went to the park from chasing amy today

Anonymous asked: Do you ever find yourself just sick of tumblr? Like all the people who literally believe the weird hypocritical racist but not racist shit and other social justice shit they spew in the echo chamber? I almost want to quit this site entirely goddamn

yes always

Anonymous asked: hey lj have you had like i dunno you like someone but that someone doesn´t like you back and like 3 year later you notice how sucky they were ? i had that happen to me twice i suck picking people :S

only in elementary school, but I was a hideous 10 year old and crushed on anyone that would speak to me

once this kid led me on for a while and when I didn’t take the hint he’d repeatedly leave me voicemails telling me I was ugly and he told my brother (who was 7 or 8 at the time) to “tell your sister I’m gonna rape her”

but anyone I’ve crushed on since then, I usually let em go when I see that they’re not interested. although I did have a very minor crush on a friend once who turned out to not only be a shit friend but a horrible human being so yeah I feel





being a cishet looks boring why do people do that

Idk maybe bc sexuality/gender isnt based on how cool or interesting an individual wants to look

yeah but why be boring when u can be awesome and not cishet

yeah but why treat lgbt+ identities like some trendy fashion accessory that ppl can just slap on to look cool when u could not act like a complete idiot


During a convention interview, star Glenn Howerton was asked why his character was named Dennis, whereas Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney's characters are named after themselves. Howerton responded by saying that he wanted to distance himself from his character as much as fucking possible.