my name is Lj and I'm one part the Fuhrer, one part the pope. bass player for The Loose Teeth.
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Freaks & Geeks (1999)




no anime allowed past this line



your under arrest you weeaboo piece of shit


from Wildflowers Vol.1 No.1


congratulations on reading the book before it was made into a film

you win: nothing


I can’t stop laughing

Anonymous asked: my parents wont let me wear eyeliner??? since ur basically the eyeliner master i decided to go to you. my mom says that girls with makeup look like whores but?? idk any people who go overboard w makeup & im obvs not gonna go overboard what do

well I always wear a lot of makeup but one thin line on the top and bottom eyelid is usually acceptable

or maybe you can do a little mascara instead?

Anonymous asked: Do you have any advice on how to handle someone close to you that suffers from an ED?

I don’t, but if you go into the “need help?” section of my blog you can be referred to someone who can help (look under eating disorders)

also, if anybody else would like to help or be added to the directory just reply to this post or send an ask

Anonymous asked: oh the bittersweet feeling of laying a crush to rest! ever wonder if it could be reciprocal?

all the time, that’s why I had to let it go

for like a year it was all I thought about and it basically gave me mood swings like “oh it’s real everything is peachy” and five minutes later I’d be having an anxiety attack about how stupid I was

so yeah I still have feelings for them but I’m not waiting for them anymore it’s a hell of a lot of work



made these dr style sprites like 5 months ago. no nathan or murderface bc i dont care



Tired as hell but on the other hand sleep is for nerds


I don’t know which is the “correct” answer, but I know which one I’m going to use from now on